Indy Region SCCA, July 29, 2001, 16th Street Speedway, Indianapolis, IN

The course:

The course started with a mandatory slalom (meaning you had to go to the right of the first cone).  This was followed by a hard left, then up past the crossover to the serpentine.  Then there was the decreasing radius carrousel to the right.  The decreasing radius comes from the need to make that gate after it.  At the start of the day, this section of the track was wet leading me to expect a lot of spins over here, but it turns out that things dried up nicely before we actually got to running.  After the Carrousel, there was another mandatory slalom, then a right turn up to the crossover and through what I think of as "lane changes" but I think is called either a chicane or a box.  Then, on the gas to the finish.

There was a safety concern with this course.  For the first few runs, the cars were coming in too fast at the finish.  Because of that, they stopped the course and tightened up the box at the end.  That forced cars to slow down to negotiate it and reach the finish at a safer speed.

I had four runs.  I saw some good improvement this time around.  I picked up 4 1/2 seconds over the course of the runs.  My control of the car was better.  A suggestion was made to me while talking with people after my run group completed.  I am in the habit of pushing the clutch when braking.  They told me that here, unless I'm actually going to shift, don't do that.  The car will be more settled and I'll make better time.

I also played a little with air pressures in the tire.  Before the event, I ran the fronts and rears up to 50 psi.  When setting up at the event, I marked each tire at three places around it with white shoe polish.  Then, after each run (except the first, where I didn't go very hard) I checked how far around the edge of the tread the shoe polish had been scrubbed off.  The idea was to let air out of the tires, a little at a time, so that the wear would go right to the edge of the tread blocks in hard cornering.  By the end of the event, I had the following pressure numbers:

For the next event, I'll start with 46 psi in the front tires and 40 in the rear.  I figure I'll still need to drop the pressure in the rear, and may need to tweak it again to adjust handling since that and the shock adjustment is all I can fiddle with while running in Stock class.  Later, when I go to STS or DSP, I'll be able to play with spring rates, sway bars, and other suspension adjustments to get the handling that works best for me.

My times were:  50.397, 47.725, 47.663, and 45.941

I'll get the official results as they are posted.

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