My family

(Pay no attention to the man in the red suit.)


This is my family at an excursion to the local Petsmart.  From left to right, ignoring the funny guy in the red suit:


I'm in need of a shave here.

Hanako (AKA Hanachan, Hana, and Gianto)

The youngest of the four dogs, a beagle-shepherd mix.  We adopted her from our vet when we learned they were trying to find a home for her.  She had been dropped off there as an unwanted dog. "Since she's half beagle, she won't get very big," they said.  Hah!  She tends to be very shy.  When folk come over, she makes a big show of barking as if to warn them off, but if they make a move toward her (like, say, to pet her) she immediately runs to hide behind my legs.

She was about 9 months old when this picture was taken.


The most recent addition to our pack.  After buying our house, we went to get the addresses changed on our driver's licenses.  While we were waiting outside in line--is there an efficient Bureau of Motor Vehicles anywhere?--we saw a sign in an insurance office:  "Beagle-mix.  Free to good home." "It can't hurt to go look," my wife said.  Well, upshot is, we did not get our addresses changed on our licenses.  Instead, we got dog #4.

They said Beagle-mix, but Lucky looks like a beagle, has the beagle bark,  the beagle gregariousness, the beagle nose, and beagle temperament.  I think she's just a beagle without papers.

She was about 10 months old when this picture was taken.


Our first dog.  My wife did not want to get a dog, but I practically dragged her out to an animal rescue group ("Pet find" a no-kill shelter/adoption group that operated out of one of the local Petsmarts) and she fell in love with the little black beagle-mix puppy (mother was a beagle, father was a traveling man).  Since then, she's been the one to insist on our getting each of the other dogs.  Not that I've complained any.  I've always loved dogs.

Now about three years old

My wife.

Beautiful, as always.


A stray we picked up off the street.  Vet said probably border collie/lab mix but we don't really know.  He's the most friendly of the lot.  Yatta-chan is everybody's friend.  When somebody comes byy he's all, "Hey, you've got a hand free.  How come it's not petting me?"  He's also the only dog we have a real problem with.  He's somewhat dog-aggressive.  When he meets strange dogs, he always seems to want to get into a fight with them.  As a result, I've had to stop going to the local dog park.  That's a real shame, but I'm not going to get rid of one of my dogs over something like that.

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