My test for gokyu (fifth kyu--Yellow belt) was on September 7, 2000.

Class began as usual.  There were three of us there (in addition to the instructor).  The instructor had to step out for a bit and had us work on the first two kyo of throws, first me on Ikkyo then the other two on Nikkyo.

When the instructor returned, he asked the senior student, a Yonkyu (green belt) how I had done on the first eight throws.  The instructor then took me aside and had me bow in to him very formally:  First bow while standing, then go to seiza and bow, then make one "kneeling step" forward and bow again, finally take one more "kneeling step" forward.  After I had bowed in, my instructor then asked me some questions on Judo history and terminology.  After completing that, he had me reverse the "bowing in" procedure.

For the next step, my instructor called over the green belt and had him serve as uke while I demonstrated the first eight throws (Ikkyo).  After that, I had two demonstrate three holds:  Kesa gatame, Kami shiho gatame, and Yoko shiho gatame.

After demonstrating these techniques to my instructor's satisfaction, he had everyone (all three of us) line up.  He had me bow in again as above, then remove my belt.  He then tied the new, yellow, belt on in place and had me bow back out.

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