Harai Goshi

"Sweeping Hip Throw" It is part of the 2nd Kyo of throws and is considered a hip throw.

This throw seems to be a little more complicated then the others I'd learned to this point.  Start with kuzushi, and step in and pivot with your hips low.  Use your right leg to sweep/block your opponent's right leg, spring upward with the hip, and bend your upper body down to throw your opponent over the hip.

The truth is, I didn't actually learn this throw that first time.  I misunderstood part of the instructions and did not do the leg sweep.  The result, I think, is more something between Ogoshi and Uki Goshi  than Harai Goshi.  However, in a second session I did it again.  My first effort was so bad that the instructor apparently decided that Harai Goshi was too advanced for me at this time and switched me to Ippon seioinage for this session.  Later, I worked a bit with one of the yellow belts and he took the time to point out my more egregious faults.  In particular, I was coming in too far to the left.  That left me off balance when I tried to sweep my opponent's leg.  The result was me being the one to end up on the mat.  By getting in tighter, coming in so that my right hip is right up against my opponent's right hip (and the leg I'm going to be sweeping), things work much better.

As I've come to expect, the initial setup is the second most critical part of judo throws. (Most critical is getting the opponent off-balance.)

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