Hiza Garuma

"Knee wheel", the second throw in the Dai Ikkyo.  A foot technique.

This throw seems to work very much like Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi, except that instead of blocking the ankle, you block the knee.

We learned this technique while stepping.  As your opponent steps forward with his right leg, instead of stepping back with your left leg, you step out to the left, possibly even slightly toward them.  Then, as their right leg comes forward, you block his knee with your right foot and pull to the right and down with your right arm and to the right and up with your left arm.  The result is that he pivots over your foot to the ground.

After further practice and instruction I've learned that the above can work, but there's too much chance for an uncooperative opponent to evade.  Instead, I have found it effective to take a short "half step" forward and to the left with your left foot as soon as your opponent's left foot comes to rest in a forward position.  You can then block his left knee with your right leg and you are in a good position to pull directly against his weakest line. Also, your opponent may well have been expecting you to continue on back and the sudden change in direction and timing adds effect to the throw.

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