Ippon Seioinage

Ippon Seioinage stands for "One Arm Shoulder Throw." It is part of the 1st Kyo of throws and is considered a hand technique.

As I described in my section on Osotogari, this was one of the two throws covered in my second session.

The basic throw is as follows:  You break your opponent's balance as described in the section on kuzushi.  Then you let go with your right hand, keeping a tight grip on your opponent's right sleeve and turn your body, wrapping your right arm around your opponent's upper arm.  You spring upward from the hips and bend forward, throwing your opponent over your shoulder.

From stepping, as your opponent steps forward with his right foot, you pull strongly with your left arm, step to the left with your right foot and pivot, bringing your body in low against theirs.  At the same time, bring your right arm under their left arm and catch it in the bend of your elbow.  Bend sharply at the waist while springing upward with the hips.  Over they go.

A couple of points seem to make the throw work better:

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