I began my study of Judo with Young H. Park at his Mudokwan school in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I began on June 15, 2000 so I'm still a rank beginner at Judo.  However, I try with my daily workout.

What it is:

The "ju" in "judo" means "softness" or "giving way." This is the essence of judo.  If an attacker pushes, you "give way" even to the extent of pulling in the direction they are pushing.  The result unbalances the attacker.  Once the attacker is off balance, it is a relatively simple matter to throw them.  Likewise, if they pull you go with that and again, this puts them off balance and easy to throw.

Judo also includes grappling: elbow locks, holds, and chokes.

These days, the emphasis is more on the sport aspects of judo rather than the martial art aspect.  However, to at least some extent that depends on the school, the instructor, and the student.

Technique Notes

In the course of the classes I've attended, a number of techniques have been covered.  This section is for notes relating to those techniques.  Note that I am a raw beginner and these are notes on what seems to be working for me.  I could be way off base in many cases.


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