Kami Shiho Gatame

I only did a bit of this in one class.  The basic hold has your opponent on his back.  You are at his head, facing his legs.  Your chest is on his and your abdomen rests on his head (putting weight their helps keep him pinned and ups his "discomfort" level to make it more difficult for him to escape).  Your legs are drawn up close to your body and spread wide at the knees to provide balance and support.  Your arms pin his arms close to his sides and you grasp his belt.

One thing to note is that with your weight resting on your opponent's head he will have to have his head turned to one side or the other--otherwise you body will block his nose and mouth and he won't be able to breath.  That being the case, if he tries to bridge and roll out of the hold he will have to roll in the side toward which his head is turned.  You can be ready for that and prepared to counter it, but a simple "trick" to help with control is to make sure you have your arm wrapped over his on that side.  That makes it more difficult for him to get good leverage and harder for him to get out of your hold.

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