Kata Guruma

"Shoulder Wheel" This is a member of the 3rd Kyo of techniques and is a hand technique.

This is, perhaps, the most challenging throw I've learned yet. (As much as I've "learned" any of the throws yet.)  Books and pictures on the web usually show it standing, but my instructor taught us to do it from a kneeling position.  That eliminates the need to lift the opponent since their motion over the shoulders is essentially entirely downward.

The throw, as we learned it is as follows.  The opponent steps forward with their right leg and, just as their weight comes down on the right foot, step forward and drop to your left knee so that your right foot comes roughly between the opponent's feet.  At the same time keep a grip on the opponent's right sleeve with your left hand and extend your right arm and shoulder between the opponent's legs.  From here it should be a simple matter to tip the opponent over your shoulder to your left.

For training, it's important to release their left arm so they can get a good ukemi slap.

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