Kouchigari is a member of the 2nd Kyo and is a foot technique.

In some ways, I like to think of kouchigari as a kind of "inside out" de ashi barai.

This throw relies more on finesse than on power.  Starting in a right grip, and executing the throw to the right proceeds as follows:  Your opponent steps forward with his right foot, or you pull and step back so as to make your opponent step back.  Just as their weight starts to come down on the foot, you sweep in and across with your right foot, catching them with the bottom of your foot against the back of their heel.  Timing is critical.  Too early and they just step over your foot (leaving you really vulnerable to being countered).  Too late and their foot is planted and a lot harder to move.  Get the timing just right and their foot sweeps away as if they'd stepped on a patch of ice.  Combine the foot action with a pull down and forward on their right sleeve with your left hand while your own right hand pushes up and back against their collar.  The hand action turns them to ensure they come down on their back.

Although the stepping, precisely timed version of this throw is the ideal (in my opinion), it can also be done more "statically." in this version, you step in, reach out and across to sweep the back of your opponents heel while he's standing.  This requires more force, since the foot is likely supporting a significant portion of your opponent's weight.

In both versions, the angle of the sweep is very important.  You want to sweep the foot in the direction the big toe is pointing.

Kouchigari is good in combination with Ouchigari. I've also seen it used as a lead in to ippon seioinage.

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