Osotogari stands for "Major Outside Reaping." It is part of the 1st Kyo of throws and is considered a leg throw

Although I came into the class at a time when Tomoenage was being taught, the next class featured randori practice and Park sensei took me aside and worked on kuzushi and this throw--Osotogari--and another--Ippon seioinage.

The basic Osotogari involves breaking your opponent's balance, stepping in with your left leg just past your opponent's right leg, then sweeping your opponent's right leg with your own while pressing backward on his upper body with your arm.

Several key points:

In other classes, we dealt with continuing action from a failed Osotogari.  Two main continuations were considered.

Osotogari can also be done while moving.  In fact, this is probably how you will do it in randori or shiai.  When you are moving toward your opponent and he is moving away from you, take a double-quick step with your left foot just as your opponent has completed stepping back with his left foot.  This should bring your left foot up alongside his before he can move it back.  If you time it right, you will be making your sweep just as your opponent is shifting his weight to his back foot.  The push, sweep, and his own backward momentum combine to put him on his back.  Over he goes.

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