Ouchigari stands for "Major Inner Reaping." It is part of the 1st Kyo of throws and is considered a foot technique

We were taught this throw as a "continuing action" after a failed Ippon Seioinage.  If the opponent successfully resists the attempt to break their balance to the front it is generally by pulling backward.  That leaves them vulnerable to a throw in the new direction of their own force.

To do the throw, as your opponent is pulling away from you, reach forward with your right leg and sweep his left leg from the inside, low to the ground.  At the same time push in the center of his chest using your right hand (the one holding his collar).  Follow your opponent down to the ground and apply either a hold or an armbar (Ude hishigi juji gatame is good) or hold (we used Hon kesa gatame in practice) in case you don't get the point on the throw itself.

A couple of points when applying this throw.

Ouchigari is a classic combination with Tai otoshi.  If you try Tai otoshi and your opponent successfully evades by stepping over it, you can continue with Ouchigari.

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