Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi

Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi stands for "Lifting Pulling Ankle Throw." It is part of the 1st Kyo of techniques and is considered a foot technique.

I first got introduced to this throw as a "continuing action" to a failed Osotogari.  Later, in another situation, we covered initiating it from the start.

To initiate the throw, first apply kuzushi.  Step in and to the left with the left foot (as if preparing to do Osotogari), block/sweep your opponent's left foot with your right foot and pull him over to your right with your hands.

The throw can also be initiated while moving.  As your opponent steps forward with his right leg, instead of stepping back with your left leg, step out to the left, possibly even slightly towards him.  As soon as his left foot comes forward, block and trap his left foot with your own right foot against his instep.  Simultaneously pull to the right with your right arm and up and to the right with your left arm.  This will pivot him over your foot and to the floor.  Note that this action is very similar to Hiza Guruma, just with your foot at the instep rather than at the knee.

In further practice, and after further instruction, I've come to learn that there seems to be a better dynamic than what I have described above.  As with Hiza Guruma, I have found it quite effective to take a short "half step" with the left foot forward and to the left as your opponent's left foot comes to rest in a forward position.  This puts you in a good position to pull for the throw directly against your opponent's weakest line.  Lovely when it works right.

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