This is the throw that was being covered in my very first Judo class.

"Circle Throw" a member of the 3rd Kyo of techniques and a sacrifice technique.

The basic throw is as follows.  As your opponent either has his balance broken to the front or is pushing forward, you fall backward, placing one of your feet in his stomach.  Then, with your back on the floor, you push with your foot and pull with your arms, throwing your opponent over your head to land behind you.

There are several "points" that Park sensei taught to help execute the throw.  First, make sure to get the foot up before you fall to the floor.  This helps keep the distance proper and ensures that the throw goes as expected.  Second, tilt the toes of the foot your placing in your opponent's stomach toward the outside.  This helps ensure that the foot doesn't get twisted to the inside (which can lead to injury).  Also, at that angle, the foot fits nicely in the pocket formed between the hip and stomach, making for a secure platform to push off for the throw.  It was later pointed out that one mistake I was often making, is pushing too soon with the foot.  That tends to keep your opponent away and gets in the way of getting him over you.  Keep your leg deeply flexed and your opponent pulled in as tightly as you can get him as you drop to the floor.  Then push with the leg to lever him over you.

Another item we covered is "continuing action." Sometimes the throw doesn't go as planned.  There you are, on your back, with your opponent standing above you.  What to do?

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