Uki Goshi

Uki Goshi stands for "Floating Hip Throw."  It is part of the 1st Kyo of techniques and is considered a hip technique.

We performed Uki Goshi from stepping.  As your opponent steps forward with his right foot, instead of stepping back with your left foot, you come forward and pivot, bringing your hip in close to his.  At the same time, you draw him forward with your left hand and slide your right hand around his body so that it comes to rest in the small of his back at about belt level.  You continue the turn with your body and pivot him around your hip.  The main force for this motion comes from his own forward momentum.  As your turn reaches 180 degrees from your original direction, you complete the throw by releasing your opponent with your right arm and letting him fall to the mat.

When you come forward, don't come too far forward.  Instead, use your opponent's forward momentum and your own pull and pivot to bring him in to you.  If you come in too far, you end up having to pull him around rather than having him naturally fall around your hips.  That requires much more muscular force to complete the throw if you're able to complete it at all.  If, in the course of the throw, you do come in too close you would probably be better served by another throw such as Harai Goshi or Ogoshi.

When this works, it is an utterly delightful throw because it feels so easy.  Timing and smoothness count for much more, I think, then does strength.

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