My Martial Arts Interest:


Over the years, I have been interested in Martial Arts from a very early age.

My first interest was when I was 10 years old in Judo.  I had no formal training and, in looking back, my "study" at that time appalls me.  My "study" consisted of getting a book from the library (Judo Katas by Charles Yerkow) and practicing some of the interesting looking throws with friends.

Later, during High School, I got my first formal training in martial arts--Chinese Kenpo.  I studied this for about a year, ending when the money ran out.

After high school, I entered the Air Force and, while there, sampled various martial arts.  I spent about 6 months studying Isshin-ryu karate and a short time studying Taekwondo.  I dropped the Taekwondo quickly because it became obvious that several of the senior students were more interested in "looking pretty" than in doing anything effective.  The isshin-ryu school was going well, but I had to stop when I got reassigned.

Later, during my last duty assignment, I found a training group in Togakure-ryu ninjutsu.  Since then, it has become more popular to call the art by the name "Bujinkan" or "Bujinkan Tai-jutsu" to reflect the mix of nine ryu rather then the single.Togakure-ryu.  When I left the Air Force I again returned to a state of no money and no school near where I lived.  And so it was for many years.

Recently, I regained an interest in the martial arts, coupled with a realization that in the intervening years I had gotten 50 lbs overweight and badly out of shape.  This time, however, I wanted something different from the martial arts than what I had sought in the past.  And this time, I chose judo.

So, over the years, there are two arts that I am most comfortable with:  Bujinkan, which I studied for the longest, and Judo, which I am studying now.

Bujinkan Tai-jutsu


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