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What's New:

2/4/05 Reorganized the files.  Please let me know about any broken links.

7/11/04 Added new web page detailing Steve Brinkerhoff's and my attempt to win the Grassroots Motosports 2005 Challenge.

2/23/02 Added Comparison of permitted modifications in different SCCA Solo II classes

12/22/01 Added Car Work Diary

11/19/01 Some general updates.  Added my Promoting Judo page

9/15/01 The latest and most exciting news to be found by clicking "Joy in the Midst of Tragedy" up above.

8/18/01 Added latest modifications to my Eclipse

7/30/01 Fixed some errors in my Improved Touring car listings

7/01 Added results from autocrosses I've driven, with course maps and contents.  Added description of my Eclipse.

5/25/01 Added "Sports Cars" web page.

1/15/01 New front page picture (My wife's idea)

1/11/01 Trip report for November 2000 trip to Hong Kong and Japan.

8/20/00 At long last, the trip report for my May 2000 trip to Japan.  I discovered that somewhere in the translations here some changes to my web site have gotten lost.  Have to find or recreate them.  Also, there have been ongoing updates to my Judo pages that occur so frequently that I haven't bothered to list them here.

7/21/00 More updates to the Martial Arts pages

7/13/00 Added more to my Martial arts pages

7/12/00 Added more to my Martial Arts pages

7/10/00 Created "Martial Arts" page.  Fixed some inappropriate links.

6/25/00 Updated homepage.  Created "Carstuff" page.

2/18/00 Updated Spacecub projects page, updated links page, updated trip reports page (just the "next trip", no new trip report--sorry).

02/10/00 Updated links page

02/01/00 Updated SpaceCub Projects page

01/29/00 Repaired broken link to guestbook off SpaceCub main page.

01/27/00 Added The Mustang Adventure and Gripes

01/24/00 Added SpaceCub info.

01/23/00 Added new counter.  Added search form. Added some missing items to the Bio page.

01/22/00:  Added new Bio page.  Added guestbook.  Added "A few words from my wife" page.

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