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This isn't much, just some links that I use a lot.

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Search Engine Links

Financial Links

Both of these have lots of good financial information for both personal and professional finances.

Automotive & Mustangs

Software downloads

  •  Softseek A good source for shareware, freeware, and evaluation software.
  •  Download.com Ditto
  •  Tucows Specializing in Internet software
  • Shareware.com Was the best place for shareware and freeware but other folk have largely caught up.



Science Fiction & Writing

  • SWFA Science Fiction Writers of America
  • Critters critique group This is a really nice group if you are a writer or trying to become a writer and want some folk to critique your work
  • SFNovelist  Another critique group, this one specializing in hard science fiction Novels.
  • SFF.net An SF oriented web service with its own NNTP server for members
  • SFSite A collection of web pages including several important SF magazines
  • Locus's calendar listings Here's where I find conventions author appearances and other items of interest.
  • Jerry Pournelle One of my favorite writers with some good stuff on computers and other topics as well.
  • Market listing Once you write it, where do you sell it?
  • Evil Overlords List   A humorous send-up of a number of the common mistakes made in writing "the bad guys"

History and Military

Web information services

  •  Dejanews Check for current and old Usenet messages and post new ones.  Text messages only--no binaries
  • Weather.Com  The Weather Channel's Web page.  Weather reports for cities in the US and worldwide (great for travelling).
  •  MapBlast Best mapping engine I've found, produces both maps of locations and door to door driving directions.  However, I find I'm using Microsoft Mappoint more these days.
  • Smart Shopping:
    •  buy.com My online bookseller of choice.  Deeper discounts and better shipping rates than either Barnes and Noble or Amazon.  My first purchase from them actually came to less than the bookstore price even including shipping and handling.
    • Bottom Dollar An online price comparison service
  • Reference:
    •  Bigbook Online super-phonebook
    •  Infospace Assorted this and that directory type information.
    • IRS Nothing is sure but death and taxes.  I can't help you with death, but the IRS's web pages may help you with taxes
  • News:


  • Why Kirk is better than Picard I get a few chuckles out of this.
  • The Dogpatch A simply awesome collection of information, articles, and links about my favorite mammals--dogs!
  • Alexandria Digital Literature An extraordinary way to find books.  You "rate" the books you like and, based on those ratings, they recommend other books you may like.  Pretty accurate in my opinion.
  • Webcomics A listing of webcomics that I check out from time to time.

Work related

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