Immensely generous with "her special world" of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley loved encouraging new writers. We were already friends when she began editing the Darkover and Sword & Sorceress Anthologies. The match between my natural literary "voice" and what she was looking for was extraordinary. She loved to read what I loved to write, and she often cited "The Death of Brendan Ensolare" (Four Moons of Darkover, DAW, 1988) as one of her favorites.

As Marion's health declined, I was invited to work with her on one or more Darkover novels. We decided that rather than extend the story of "modern" Darkover, we would return to the Ages of Chaos. Marion envisioned a trilogy beginning with the Hastur Rebellion and the fall of Neskaya, the enduring friendship between Varzil the Good and Carolin Hastur, and extending to the fire-bombing of Hali and the signing of the Compact. While I scribbled notes as fast as I could, she would sit back, eyes alight, and begin a story with, "Now, the Hasturs tried to control the worst excesses of laran weapons, but there were always others under development . . ." or "Of course, Varzil and Carolin had been brought up on tales of star-crossed lovers who perished in the destruction of Neskaya . . ."

Marion passed away in September 1999, and I was privileged to participate in her funeral. In completing this project, I hope to honor her memory and the enduring vision she has left to us all.

What's Next?

As of summer 2010, I am planning the next two "modern" Darkover books. The Children Of Kings (working title) is an action-adventure set in the Dry Towns when interstellar smugglers set up a base there and begin arming the Dry Towners with blasters. The second will bring Darkover and the Terran Federation back into contact and eventually a new resolution. After that, I'll most likely work on Thunderlord, a companion piece to Stormqueen! for which Marion wrote a few opening pages.

Hastur Lord cover

Hastur Lord

When Marion Zimmer Bradley introduced readers to the Darkover universe forty years ago, she pioneered the portrayal of same sex relationships in science fiction and fantasy, introducing a sympathetic and heroic gay character -- Regis Hastur.

Now Darkover is once more threatened by the Terran Federation and only Regis can unite his world to save it. But Regis finds himself under increasing pressure to assume the throne he has never wanted and to forsake the love of his life, Danilo Syrtis, and marry. On his deathbed, his grandfather informs Regis that he has a brother -- an older half-brother who could finally relieve Regis of the burden of the Hastur lordship. Would Regis finally be free to live his dreams? Here is a story of courage and betrayal, love and honor "in the finest tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley's vision."

Hardback ISBN 0-7564-0622-6 $24.95 Buy Now!
The Alton Gift cover

The Alton Gift

After the tragic, untimely death of Regis Hastur, the ruthless Terran Federation has abandoned Darkover to pursue interstellar civil war. As Lew Alton wrestles with the dark shadows from his past, his daughter Marguerida's psychic Gifts warn her of impending danger. But danger to whom? Meanwhile, unknown to Marguerida, her son, Domenic, searches for his place in a world of shifting loyalties-torn between love for two very different women-and struggles to come to terms with his destiny as the heir to Hastur. But while the rulers of Darkover think only of their own political issues, a far greater threat is facing their world. Increasingly desperate refugees flood the streets of Thendara, Darkover's capital city. In the wilds of the far-distant Hellers an ancient menace rises once again-a power against which neither swords nor the psychic sorcery of Darkover can prevail. Only an outlaw Terran, fleeing from a past he cannot remember, may hold the key to Darkover's survival.

Hardback ISBN 0-7564-0019-8 $25.95 Buy Now!
Paperback ISBN 0-7564-0480-0 $7.99 Buy Now!

The Clingfire Trilogy

book cover

A Flame in Hali
Volume Three

As Carolin and Varzil devote their lives to bring peace to Darkover, Eduin, tormented to the brink of madness by his father's dying command, hides in the gutters of Thendara. Chance brings Eduin together with Saravio, a crippled laranzu with the ability to manipulate men's emotions on the deepest level. As Eduin and his new friend plot to destroy Varzil and bring Carolin's reign to ruin, a new force is arising.

Varzil's sister, Dyannis, who had loved Eduin when they were young, has grown into a powerful leronis, strong enough to challenge the belief that no woman can serve as a Keeper. But first, as Dyannis learns to her sorrow, she must master her own tempestuous nature.

As Eduin and Dyannis explore the limits of their laran powers, Darkover moves toward a cataclysmic turning point, one which will either save their world or destroy it utterly.

Hardback ISBN 0-7564-0218-2 $24.95 Buy Now!
Paperback ISBN 0-7564-0267-0 $7.99 Buy Now!
book cover

Zandru's Forge
Volume Two

Neskaya and Tramontana Towers lie in ruins, and yet across the Hundred Kingdoms, other Towers continue to develop even more horrific laran weapons. In this time of darkness, two young men met at Arilinn Tower -- Carolin Hastur, heir to the most powerful kingdom on Darkover, and Varzil Ridenow, destined to become the greatest Keeper of all time. Together they would forge a friendship and a dream to end the nightmare of hatred and violence. Their vision would give birth to a Compact of Honor and transform the future of Darkover.

But another had come to Arilinn Tower, sworn to secrecy and vengeance. His true identity was carefully hidden, even from his Keepers, for Eduin was the son of the outlaw Rumail Deslucido, and his mission was to destroy the family which had slaughtered his own -- starting with Carolin Hastur and never stopping until he had put an end to the only living child of Coryn Leynier and Taniquel Hastur-Acosta.

Hardback ISBN 0-7564-0149-6 $24.95 Buy Now!
Paperback ISBN 0-7564-0184-4 $7.99 Buy Now!
book cover

The Fall of Neskaya
Volume One

Return to the world of Darkover during the tumultuous era of The Hundred Kingdoms. In a terrible time of strife and war, when this unique fantasy world is divided into a multitude of small belligerent domains vying for power and land, one corrupt, ambitious tyrant will stop at nothing - not even the use of terrifying matrix weapons - to control all of Darkover!

Hardback ISBN 0-7564-0034-1 $24.95 Buy Now!
Paperback ISBN 0-7564-0053-8 $7.99 Buy Now!