The Seven-Petaled Shield

This is my newest project, an original fantasy series, to be published by DAW. Check here for sneak previews and release dates!

I first began developing and exploring this world in a series of short stories published in Sword & and Sorceress. They include:

What If . . . at the dawn of time, an evil melding of the elements of Fire and Ice tried to destroy all creation, and a band of courageous brothers and their magical Shield defeated it?

What If . . . with the passage of ages, the magic imprisoning Fire and Ice wore thin, and an ambitious, paranoid King smashed the final bonds?

What If . . . the heir to the magical Shield, consumed with grief and vengeance, fell under the spell of Fire and Ice, becoming a ravening conqueror who threatens all the living world?

What If . . . the only ones standing in the way of the ultimate triumph of evil were a mother thought dead, a dispossessed prince, a demented prophet, and the warrior princess whose love alone can reach the heir to the magical Shield?

What If . . . the fate of the world turns on the heroism of one man?

When . . . an ambitious Emperor conquers a tiny mountain kingdom, he shatters the magical boundary between the human and elemental worlds, and an ancient evil, an unholy fusion of Fire and Ice, is reborn. The Seven-Petaled Shield is a three-volume epic fantasy, roughly corresponding to the time of the Romans and Scythians, with the magical Seal of Solomon, a supernatural embodiment of evil, and Genghis Khan's Mongolian Horde providing a world filled with action, suspense, and romance.

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