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Confluence 2001
July 20th - 22nd, 2001  
Friday 7/20/01 6:00:00pm - SF Romance: Combining Good Science With Good Romance  
Sunday 7/22/01 10:00:00am - Good Short SF

MilPhil, the 59th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30th, 2001 - September 3rd, 2001

1 - Thu, 12.00-Teen Orientation CC204A, WorldCons can be confusing -- start right with advice from teens who are old hands at congoing, some special speakers and lots of freebies. Lunch in Chinatown immediately following. Laurie Mann, Ilyana Mansfield, Diane Turnshek

2 - Thu, 14.50-Reading: CC106A, Diane Turnshek  

3 - Fri, 9.00-Writing Exercises CC110A, Robert Nansel, Diane Turnshek (M)  

4 - Fri, 17.00-Collaboration Workshop CC110A, Exercises for Writers, Come prepared to write in small social groups. Planned exercises, discussions of infamous collaborations and contracts. Cassie Krahe, Diane Turnshek, Bryan Zubalsky  

5 - Fri, 23.00-SF Love Scenes M307, The group looks at great SF erotic love scenes. They discuss who does it well, and give examples. Panelists -- for amusement or instruction -- may also want to read examples of particularly bad ones. Catherine Asaro, Cecilia Tan, Diane Turnshek  

6 - Sat, 9.00-Writing Exercises M307, Robert Nansel, Diane Turnshek (M) 

7 - Sat, 13.00-So Many Contests, So Little Time CC104A, Students are bombarded with writing contests. Should teachers/librarians/parents encourage them to enter? How to be street smart writer includes the good, the bad and the nevers. Michael A. Burstein, Diane Turnshek, James Van Pelt, Pat York  

8 - Sat, 14.00-Sapphire & SF Romances CC204A, The Sapphire Award will be presented at the start of this panel. The winners of this year's Sapphire Awards are Catherine Asaro, Marilyn Byerly, MaryJanice Davidson, Saira Ramasastry, Linnea Sinclair, and Jane Toombs. The panel examines the overlap between SF and romances: both SF books that also can be considered romances and romances that have SF elements. Eve Ackerman, Catherine Asaro (M), Bud Sparhawk, Diane Turnshek  

9 - Sat, 16.00-Writing on the Web: The Internet as Resource and Tool CC108A, Cecilia Dart-Thornton, Ellen Key Harris-Braun, James D. Macdonald, Diane Turnshek  

10 - Sun, 9.00-Writing Exercises CC203B, Robert Nansel, Diane Turnshek (M) 

11- Sun, 11.00-Junior SFWA L4 Congress B, What We Can Learn from Young Writers: The SFWA Junior Program Lucienne Diver, Paul Levinson, Diane Turnshek, Harry Turtledove  

12 - Sun, 15.00-18.00 Young Writers Workshop L4 Congress A, Brenda W. Clough, Jeffrey D. Kooistra, Paul Levinson, Tamora Pierce, Wen Spencer, Diane Turnshek  

13 - Sun, 22.00-SIG: MAFIA game M307, Diane Turnshek, Kelly Link  

14 - Mon, 9.00-Writing Exercises CC110A, Robert Nansel, Diane Turnshek (M) 

15 - Mon, 10.00-SIG: M307, SIG: Working Group for a Teen Fan Fund Diane Turnshek