Wanted: Dead or Alive ... or Imaginary!


Edited by Mike Resnick

Startling criminal records compiled by David Gerrold * Walter Jon Williams * Judith Tarr * Maureen F. McHugh * George Alec Effinger * Martha Soukup * Frank M. Robinson * Laura Resnick * Allen Steele and many others.
What if...

History's great men and women made their own rules, and sometimes only a twist of fate separated the criminals from the crowned. When the good guys go bad and the bad guys go legit, only today's most imaginative SF authors can keep the rap sheets straight. From Charles Manson to J. Edgar Hoover, from Jesse James to Humphrey Bogart, nobody's more wanted than


A Tom Doherty Associates, Inc. Book
ISBN 0-812-53344-5
Tor Science Fiction
$4.99 (US)/$5.99 (CAN)

"Move and you die," said Einstein, waving a sawed-off shotgun around the room.

"Easy, folks," said Ma Teresa in a calming voice. "We don't want to hurt anyone. We just want to take the money and leave."

She was smiling pleasantly as she said this, and held a revolver at the guard's head.

Little Al Schweitzer leaped over the counter and knelt at the safe...

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