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Bold Young Adventurers in a strange new world



Robyn Tallis

The time: 2520
The place: The planet Gauguin, a world of soaring mountains, glowing, phosporescent seas, and glittering black sands. A world more beautiful — and more dangerous — than its colonists ever dreamed possible.

Caught in a mysterious pattern of earthquakes, ionic storms, and searing winds, the inhabitants of Ambora watch helplessly as their city is torn apart. But six teenagers, whose encounter in the Catalan Mountains has left them with inexplicable powers, discover that they are able to foresee Ambora's fate. Beset by terrifying visions, surrounded by phantom dangers that become all too real, they realize that they are the only ones who can save Ambora from being utterly destroyed!

ISBN 0-8041-0202-3
Ivy Books, New York
Published by Ballantine Books
$2.95 (US)/$3.95 (CAN)

Silanna dust blew through the streets of Ambora's residential sector in whirling, stinging sheets, driven like rain on the wind. Overhead, Gauguin's two moons shown between patchy clouds that scudded across the night sky.

By the fitful, mauve-tinged moonlight, Zach and Arkady watched a sheet of silanna tear free from a new-built dome. "Those are all the new colonists down there," Zach called, pointing to the collapsing dome as he caught up with Arkady. "They probably need help."

"You're right," Arkady said, "The old domes to the west and north look pretty stable; let's get people moving in that direction if we can."

Halfway to the new domes, Arkady and Zach saw their first refugee. The man strode up to them, his face unhuman -- flat and lipless, with oval amber eyes.

"Do you not know me?" he demanded. "I am Ney!"

The amber-eyed stranger turned away, not waiting for an answer, and vanished. Arkady and Zach stared at each other.

"Zach, did you see that?"

"I saw it," said Zach slowly. "But I don't believe it."

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