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Bold Young Adventurers in a strange new world



Robyn Tallis

The time: 2520
The place: The planet Gauguin, a world of soaring mountains, glowing, phosporescent seas, and glittering black sands. A world more beautiful — and more dangerous — than its colonists ever dreamed possible.

When Sean Matthews is injured in a mysterious accident, his friends have a hard time accepting the official explanation. How could the hoverscooter he was riding have been completely demolished, while Sean himself escaped without a scratch? Yet now he lies comatose, and the prognosis is grim.

Determined to find out exactly what happened and why it's being covered up, Arkady, Noriko, and Philippa conduct their own investigation. Searching for the site of the accident, they're led hight into the mountains. What they discover answers their questions — but endangers their lives. The only thing that can save them now is the psychic link they all share, and that may depend entirely on Sean ....

ISBN 0-8041-207-4
Ivy Books, New York
Published by Ballantine Books
$2.95 (US)/$3.95 (CAN)

"Code Emergency One," said the wall speaker. "Standby, Unscheduled medicine. Casualty inbound."

"It's probably just some kid with a stomachache," said a med-tech, shaking his head.

Zach didn't answer. At the sound of the triple chime, a sudden wave of fear had made him drop the mental barriers he usually kept up while he worked. Now he looked for the emotional curent that linked him to his friends.

He reached out, repeating his friends' names inwardly for reassurance as he searched fro them one by one: Clea is safe. And Philippa, and Arkady. Noriko's at her workout, Daffy's with Will. And Sean is — Sean is —

But the current went no farther.

"Zach?" asked the med-tech. "You okay?"

"It's Sean," Zach said aloud, trying to fight down his feeling of panic. "Sean Matthews. Governor Matthews's son."

"You don't know that, Yamoto," said the med-tech roughly. "You've been right here the whole time."

Zach ignored him. "It's Sean," he repeated.

Seconds later, he heard the high whine of a hovercraft coming in at top speed, mixed with the howl of a siren. The big doors slid open, and the ambulance — a hovercraft modified to carry stretchers and medical equipment — came to a halt outside the receiving bay.

Zach pulled out the stretcher and wheeled it into the work area. The medical team moved into action. Not until then did Zach get a good look at the silent figure....

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