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The Quest for the Ultimate Mall!
Daniel M. Pinkwater's
Melvinge of the Megaverse
Book 2 * By Doyle and Macdonald


Imagine there's this mall, and it's the biggest thing you've ever seen in the whole universe. It's so big it's going to take your whole life just to find a place to park in one of its fifty quajilion parking lots.

Now imagine you're the biggest schlub in the universe. Your name is Melvinge. You're on your way to the mall with your faithful dogoid companion, Harlan. Only you've bitten off more than you can chew, even if you had ten thousand sets of teeth.

When we last saw Melvinge, he had just been turned into a werewolf and shot to death with a silver bullet. Now, the Neitherworld just isn't what Melvinge expected. Sdark, the Card Shark, is looking for him. Harlan is continuing their quest alone. And lunatic revolutionaries are infiltrating the One True Mall in search of power, glory, and all-night dancing. Ever have one of those nights...?


The weird and wacky mind of Daniel M. Pinkwater (author of The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death and National Public Radio celebrity), invaded by noted science fiction authors Doyle and Macdonald, has created the ultimate quest!

A GLC Book
ISBN 0-441-91079-3
$4.50 (US)/$5.99 (CAN)


Before Melvinge's marveling eyes appeared a six-foot-tall rodent in Adidas running shoes and red nylon trunks. It ran on its hind legs with its front legs pumping up and down. A square of paper bearing the digits 22 fluttered against the front of its red fishnet shirt.

"You're all here to watch a rat race?" Melvinge asked in amazement.

"A three-day rat race," the rhino corrected. He turned away and yelled, "Go, Number Twenty-Two!"

A penetrating voice cut through the babble of the crowd before Melvinge could speak again: "Change can be real without being substantial."

Melvinge recognized the voice of the woman with rhinestone sunglasses. He realized, with a sinking feeling, that he would have to go back past her to reach the Outer Space Marines -- no problem if she stuck with her current audience. But if she transferred her attention to him, he might find himself in possibly the only thing duller than a three-day rat race: a lecture on metaphysics!

He turned toward her anyway, and started to elbow his way back through the crowd.

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