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Tom Swift 5
Monster Machine
Victor Appleton


The TANC — a Transformable Ambulatory Nuclear-powered Craft — is an all-terrain vehicle, supersonic jet, and state-of-the-art spacecraft rolled into one. And for Tom Swift, TANC also makes a mean monster truck. But before he can drive it into the mud pits he's drawn into a snake pit of high-tech intrigue!

An international arms dealer who wants to turn TANC into a weapon of mass destruction kidnaps Tom to a remote South American hideaway. The only way Tom can stop the plan is to fly the monster machine untested — dodging an arsenal of artillery, missiles, and jet fighters!

Archway Paperback YA Novel
ISBN 0-671-67827-2
$2.99 (US)/$3.99 (CAN)


TANC unfolded its wings and fired up its nuclear-powered turbines, and Tom and his group were away. "Take us back to Swift Enterprises," Tom commanded PIPP, the machine's artificial intelligence brain.

Sandra looked at the radar screen. "We've got trouble," she said. "Surface-to-air missiles, headed straight at us!"

The missiles came closer, plumes of white smoke trailing behind them. "Impact in twenty seconds," PIPP said. "They're locked on and tracking."

"And I know what they're tracking!" Tom exclaimed. He stripped off his belt, with the buckle containing the personnel locator. Then he tossed the belt into a small compartment labeled Sample Ejection Port and pressed the Cycle button.

A couple of seconds later, a brilliant flash lit up the TANC's monitors.

"One of the missiles got your belt buckle," said Sandra. "But the others must be heat seekers. They're still following us." Tom saw her swallow hard. "Impact in five seconds."

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