[A Blue Ribbon Site] Will the wave of the future unleash
a primal force of destruction?

Tom Swift 6
Aquatech Warriors
Victor Appleton


Tom and his pals are in the north Atlantic, soaking up the sun and testing his ultra high-tech diving gear, including a powerful underwater laser beam and minisub. But the ocean abyss is a strange and sinister place, and Tom is working in dangerous waters — smack in the middle of the infamous Bermuda Triangle!

After several cargo ships vanish without a trace, Tom spots what appears to be an enormous sea monster flanked by a troop of armed underwater commandos. The discovery leads him to a confrontation with a ruthless nemesis from his past — a criminal genius who has hatched an explosive scheme to spread terror from beneath the sea!

Archway Paperback YA Novel
ISBN 0-671-67828-0
$2.99 (US)/$3.99 (CAN)


The Black Dragon's divers chained a large block of metal to Tom's feet.

"That's to make certain that you sink quickly enough," Tom heard the Black Dragon say over the earphone. "It's very important that you reach the proper depth before the explosion takes place."

"You're insane!" Tom gasped.

"Maybe," the Black Dragon said. "But it really doesn't matter to you anymore."

Soon they came to an area of the ocean floor where black plumes of superheated water rose out of underground springs. Around the fissures flourished a huge colony of tube worms — ten-foot-long creatures whose bloodred bodies swayed, snakelike, in the ocean currents.

Again the Black Dragon's voice sounded in Tom's ear. "If you have any last words, you ought to say them now." He set the timer on the bomb.

"Goodbye, Tom."

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