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A Collection of Original Stories
Edited by Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg



Early in the morning, Nathan woke her. "Lil? I don't feel good."

Lily put her hand on his forehead. "No fever." But he certainly was pale, she thought.

Nathan rubbed his neck. "Ow. Something's bitten me."

Lily looked, finding two reddish punctures. Like the marks teeth might make — sharp teeth spaced about an inch apart. What would make a bite like that? Raising herself on one elbow, she gently touched the wounds, forcing her hands to stop trembling. Trying to swallow the tightness in her throat, she sat on the edge of the bed, remembering scary stories she'd read, of people using garlic to protect against evil beings, like werewolves. Or vampires . . . .

— from "Ahvel" by Mary K. Whittington

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ISBN 0-06-440485-4 (paperback)
ISBN 0-06-026800-X (hardcover)

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