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A Collection of Original Stories

Edited by Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg

Bloodsucker, child of the night, the undead, the soulless — vampire!

A legendary creature that has haunted our imaginations for centuries, the vampire has inspired writers, artists, and moviemakers in a way that few other subjects have done.

People say vampires must sleep all day in their coffins, can be killed only by a wooden stake through the heart, are born with a full set of teeth, can be warded off with garlic. No one knows for sure, but plenty of people have some good guesses.

The vampires in this collection lurk in high schools as well as graveyards, in modern American suburbs and Eastern European ghettos, in the nineteenth century and the twenty-first — there is even a vampire living in a Scarsdale shopping mall.

Here are thirteen original stories by such writers as Josepha Sherman, Esther Friesner, Charles de Lint, and Jane Yolen. Their tales — bone-chilling, touching, and amusing — will expand the boundaries of what we know or guess about vampires and inspire some readers to wear garlic and avoid dark rooms.

HarperCollins, Publishers
$19.95 CDN
Ages 10 and up
ISBN 0-06-026800-X

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$3.95 US/$5.25 CDN
10 Up
ISBN 0-06-440485-4

There's no such thing as a VAMPIRE ... is there?

Ask Clarisse Delmondé, whose mysterious cousin Jaspar keeps the curtains and shutters closed until nightfall, and forces her to read aloud horrible stories by Edgar Allan Poe. Ask Janine, who discovers something very peculiar about the hunky new guy at the mall who's asked her out on a date. Ask Lily, whose meddling with a young boy's garlic-covered grave brings a very unwelcome and dangerous young guest to her little brother's room.

These and many others lurk in this collection of original stories by Jane Yolen, Esther M. Friesner, Charles de Lint, and ten other talented writers. Enjoy them, but beware ... the next neck at risk could be your own!

Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenberg have collaborated on a number of anthologies for young people, including WEREWOLVES.

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