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Tangent is a quarterly magazine that features reviews of every story in all major North-American Science Fiction and Fantasy professional magazines, many mass-market anthologies, most semi-professional magazines, and many small press offerings.

Tangent is pleased to announce it has been nominated for the 1997 Best Fanzine Hugo! Remember to cast your vote! :-)

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"Tangent has already become something of an institution in the field after only a few years, and performs an invaluable service for the genre by extensively reviewing the year's short fiction.... [T]he level of criticism is pretty good here.... Tangent is doing a good job of filling a nearly vacant ecological niche, and if it disappeared the field would be much the poorer for it. In the last couple of years, Tangent has made itself even more valuable by becoming deeply involved in helping to assemble a recommended reading list for the yearly Sturgeon Award, a list that rivals the Locus Recommended List for its usefulness."
    -- Gardner Dozois, Year's Best SF #14 (1997)

Tangent is the only SF/F review magazine dedicated to Short Fiction

Selected Articles from Tangent:
An Interview with Andre Norton (including photos of Andre and cover art from her books)
Andre Norton
On Writing as a Fantasist by Dave Wolverton
Will 'SFWA' In Your Cover Letter Help Sell Your Story? by James Van Pelt

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