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Below are the original plans and goals of High Hallack, as reprinted from the official flyer. Following this is a brief explanation for the cancellation of the writer's retreat and updated information on the status of the research library as of October 23, 1996, as stated by Ms. Norton.

Unfortunately, as of April 24, legal entanglements due to Ingrid Zierhut's death will delay plans for the research library. Andre has not abandoned the project but she has asked that donations be postponed until the legal matters are resolved.


Andre Norton, Orlando, FL, September 1990, at the unveiling of the Andre Norton portait by Barbara Tiffany-Eginton.
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The Roads to High Hallack
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High Hallack will be a research library and working retreat for writers in science fiction, fantasy, romance, horror and western for both adult and young readers. Never before has there existed a retreat where such writers can work in peace and privacy! There will be seminars, invited speakers on various subjects, shows by artists and the like.


To build a library complex (with rooms for seminars and meetings) and which will house six to eight writers at a time. The library has been in the process of being acquired for more than ten years and now consists of over ten thousand volumes to which we are continuing to add monthly. These are intended for research and reference work in all genres. In addition, there will be a collection of the best videos in each field, plus a permanent exhibit of fantasy art to which there have been recent additions of original works. We have built a road into the property and have purchased a guest house at the bottom of the valley.


A plateau of seventy acres in the mountains of Tennessee, situated near the towns of Monterey, Cooksville and Crossville in Putnam County. Totally secluded and yet easy to reach, this land is steeped in history. The valley below once marked the main Cherokee trail to the Ohio river. Part of the land is cleared and surrounded by a wood wall. We are just five miles from Interstate 40 at Exit 300. Take Route 84 south for about four miles and we are on the right just past the barn. Drive 0.6 miles up the road to the top of the hill to enter HIGH HALLACK.


Any genre writer who had already published and who is now working on a project in either the adult, young adult or juvenile field may apply to the board. If accepted, he or she may stay from two to six weeks (longer stays may be negotiated). There will be no charge for lodging.


There may be a good chance for funding. However in this case, the writers themselves need to show that they have a true interest. Thus we are making this appeal directly to them, their organizations and trade publications. We have a tax exempt status so any donations can be deducted from an individual's income tax. The raising of funds is never an easy process, but even small sums add up and provide seed money for larger bequests. Thus we wish to spread the word as fast and far as possible.

For more information, or to contribute to this worthwhile project, write to: High Hallack, 4911 Calfkiller Highway, Monterey, TN 38574. Make checks payable to High Hallack.


October 25, 1996

The three forces involved in the High Hallack project. Left to Right: Andre Norton, Ingrid Zierhut, Mark Karpinski. (12/93)
H.H. Founders
In mid-October it became apparent that due to a lack of response from numerous genre writer's organizations following a request for funds to help sponsor High Hallack, that it would have to be cancelled. Also, due to the recently diagnosed cancer of High Hallack co-founder Ingrid Zierhut, plans for the extensive writer's research library were cancelled as well. Ms. Zierhut has been Andre Norton's administrative assistant, executive secretary, and close personal friend for many years. Before its cancellation, she was to have overseen the running of High Hallack in perpetuity following Ms. Norton's eventual passing.

Following the sale of Andre's home in Florida and her subsequent move to Monterey, Tennessee, Ms. Zierhut has also placed her home (which was next door to Andre's) up for sale. Upon completion of her cancer treatments in Texas this November, Ms. Zierhut will relocate to High Hallack to continue her duties as Ms. Norton's administrative assistant.

The third co-founder of High Hallack, also a longtime personal friend of Ms. Norton's, Mark Karpinski, will also relocate to High Hallack after the sale of Ms. Zierhut's home has been finalized. He will reside there temporarily until such matters are completed.

Due to the initial groundswell of support from friends and fans around the world when the cancellation of High Hallack became public, and from several conversations with close friend John Coker, Ms. Norton has decided (at least tentatively) to continue with the initial planning and development stages of the research library. In a letter dated October 23, 1996, John Coker passed the following information along to the editor of Tangent:

Dear Dave,

After an extended discussion with Andre Norton today, we finally came to an understanding on how support for High Hallack should be managed.

"Andre has agreed to accept tax-free donations for construction of the library with the provision that all monies received be placed by her in an escrow account, along with the name and address of the contributors, so that in the event that the project is not able to be undertaken within a period of two years, all of the donations could be returned to the contributors."

The above paragraph consists of Andre's own words, and reflects specifically how she wishes for this to be managed. It is important that these exact words be used in any communique about High Hallack, so that everyone will understand it clearly.

In my opinion this shift in position is a huge leap forward for High Hallack.

Thanks again,

John L. Coker, III

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