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Here's a quick list of what's in the Fall T:
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Author Profiles
Robert Reed
Michael Swanwick
Robert J. Sawyer
Mike Resnick

Editor Profiles
Ellen Datlow (Omni Online)
Christina C. Russell (Plot)
Kent Brewster (Speculations)

Special Features
Photos from the 1997 Worldcon
Photos from the 1955 Worldcon
SF by Starlight: Essays on the Positive Aspects of Science Fiction
The Return of the Neo-Fan's Guide to Science Fiction

All the usual columns, including

Not to mention the always interesting editorial and letters (with appearances by editors Ellen Datlow, Gardner Dozois, Stan Schmidt, Darrell Schweitzer, and Gordon Van Gelder).

Magazines Reviewed
This issue includes reviews of 34 issues of the following magazines (and ten anthologies/collections): Albedo one, Analog, Asimov's, Aurealis, F&SF, Freezer Burn, The Galactic Citizen, Haunts, Implosion, Interzone, MZB's, Millennium On-line, Night Terrors, Non-Stop, Omni On-line, On Spec, Plot, Realms of Fantasy, SF Age, Talebones, Tales of the Unanticipated, Terra Incognita, Tomorrow SF, Undiscovered Country, The Urbanite, Wetbones

For more information, check out Tangent's index of the magazines reviewed each issue.

And Much More!

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