What do people say about Tangent?

"Tangent is a very welcome addition to the critical scene and performs an invaluable service to the field...A genuinely worthwhile magazine, and one that deserves the support of anyone who's interested in short fiction."
-- Gardner Dozois, Year's Best SF #13 (1996)

"Tangent is...the freshest, neatest voice in SF right now."
-- Don Webb

"The magazine reviews in Tangent are...a
valuable contribution 
to the ongoing dialog about quality in short fiction in the SF field."
-- David G. Hartwell, Year's Best SF#1

"Tangent's...reviews are thoughtful and useful, making the magazine
an invaluable addition to the field for its coverage of short fiction."
-- Ellen Datlow, The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror #9 (1996)

"The field needs Tangent."
-- Michael Bishop

"Tangent may be the most important SF critzine to come out of
the 90's; its range and depth is astonishing, and no one else is doing
the same thing."
-- Allen Steele, 1996 Hugo winner, Best Novella, The Death of Captain Future

"Tangent is...the definitive source for short fiction reviews."
-- Christopher Holliday, Publisher, The Market List

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