About Elisabeth DeVos


Vitals:  Female.  Born (not hatched) 1966 in New York, USA.  Grew up near Orlando.  B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida.  Married to Steve DeVos.  Lives in the Seattle area with her husband, their Golden Retriever, a dogneut, and a pair of white doves.

So basically I'm a former software developer who realized that she would rather write for people instead of computers. My first novel, The Seraphim Rising, is set largely in a near-future Central Florida and draws on my experiences growing up in that region, which is a very strange place. Where else can you be eaten alive by mosquitoes in the shadow of Cinderella's castle while a space shuttle launches overhead? Central Florida is famous for amusement-park fantasy and the space program; I figure this is why most of the stories I write combine elements of fantasy and science fiction. But now I live in Western Washington, where they don't have lightning, alligators, sharks, poisonous snakes, or mobs of sunburned tourists--what a boring (i.e. I love it) place.

But there's still no place like home.