Where do you want to go today?


To visit other science fiction authors:

Vonda N. McIntyre is the Nebula award-winning author of five New York Times bestsellers.

Bill Ransom writes SF thrillers, plus poetry, short stories, essays, and more.

Janine Ellen Young is a cool new writer whose first novel is out from Roc.

Eric S. Nylund has three novels in print and more on the way.

Syne Mitchell is publishing award-winning short fiction.

Stephanie A. Smith writes SF and fantasy novels, and is an English prof at the U. of Florida.

John G. Cramer, Professor of Physics at the U. of Washington, writes major-league hard SF novels.

To discover some new publications:

SF Site is an excellent professional site devoted to science fiction & fantasy. Check out their entertaining review of The Seraphim Rising.

Talebones is an award-winning mag of dark fiction published by writers Patrick & Honna Swenson.

Painted Rock includes lots of reviews on their web site. Check out what they wrote about The Seraphim Rising.

To an SF-friendly bookstore:

University Bookstore in Seattle has a big SF section, and they ship books for free!

Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle has its own SF newsletter edited by Vladimir Verano.

Other Change of Hobbit in Berkeley specializes in SF and fantasy.

Basilisk Dreams Books in Ottawa, Ontario is another friendly specialty store.

To where the SF folks hang out:

SFF.NET hosts newsgroups and home pages for lots of SF authors (including me).

Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) provides all kinds of helpful info on its site.

SciFi Readers Group is a friendly online forum for reading and discussing the genre.

To learn something new:

Astrola has a hip site for astrology and other metaphysical stuff.

Jewish Gothic: a unique perspective on the "Goth" movement.

To email my publisher:

Penguin Books--tell them you want to see more SF on their site!

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