Toastmistress Esther at the 1st North American Discworld Convention

In 2009 Esther Friesner served as toastmistress for the 1st North American Discworld Convention. Honored guests included Sir Pterry Pratchett (naturally), Diane Duane, Anne Hoppe, Peter Morwood, Bernard and Isobel Pearson, Colin Smythe, and Rob Wilkins.

Needless to say, hjinks ensued!

Esther as the ever-so-delightful Madame Eglantine, Seamstress.

Madame Eglantine and CMOT Dibbler

A Seamstress and her Main Squeeze.

Holywood Squares — The Game is on!

Nanny Ogg and Greebo ride again.

The Toastmistress in her natural environment (aka hot and cold running servants, every luxury possible, and lots of chocolate).

The Toastmistress and the Patrician. You do not want to displease these people.

The Toastmistress and her Consort.

Esther meets the Death of Rats (SQUEAK!).

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