(On do-it-yourself horror writing)
Twilight Zone
"Now What Do We Do With the Alligators?"
(Article on how to write effective story endings)
Writer's Digest, January 1988
"Flower of England, Fruit of Spain"
The Once and Future Arthur, Niekas Publications 1989
"Who Was That Alien I Saw You With Last Night?"
Amazing Stories, July 1990
"One of the Good Guys"
Gallery feature/David Mattingly appreciation essay in Science Fiction Age, July 1995
"It Only Sbjrks When I Laugh"
(Essay on humor in SF, printed without foregoing title but headed with "There's nothing funny about mixing humor and SF.")
Science Fiction Age, November 1995
"Take My Wizard. . .Please!"
(Article on writing funny SF&F for Writer's Digest Books)
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Sourcebook, 2nd Edition (ed. David H. Borcherding), 1996
Reprinted in How to Write Funny (ed. John B. Kachuba), Writer's Digest Books, 2001
"That Old School Spirit"
Dancing with the Dark (ed. Stephen Jones), Vista, 1997
Polish publication as VALCÍKS TEMNOTOU, Apsida, 1998
U.S. publication:  Carroll & Graf, 1999
Italian publication as LA DANZA DELLE TENEBRE, Bompiani, 1999
"If You Give a Girl a Hobbit"
Tolkien homage in Meditations on Middle Earth (ed. Karen Haber), St. Martin's Press, November 2001
"Terry Pratchett:  The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Beverage"
Introduction to Once More With Footnotes by Terry Pratchett, NESFA Press, September 2004
"Give Beast a Chance"
Kong Unbound (ed. Karen Haber, Pocket Books, November 2005
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