"The Shield-Maiden's Honeymoon"
Fantasy Book, September 1984
Fantasy Book, September 1985
Reprinted in Up the Wall, Wildside Press, January 2000
"The Vampire of Gretna Green"
Fantasy Book, December 1985
"The Sincere Symbiote"
Amazing Stories, July 1988
"A New Chantey"
Amazing Stories, September 1986
"Spell for a Nuclear Witch"
Amazing Stories, July 1988
"Who Made the Stew on Betelgeuse II?"
Aboriginal SF, September/October 1988
Amazing Stories, May 1988
"Food for Thought"
Amazing Stories, July 1989
Amazing Stories, September 1989
"The Hobbyist"
Amazing Stories, November 1988
South from Midnight (ed. Richard Gilliam, Martin H. Greenberg & Thomas R. Hanlon), Limited edition, October 1994 for World Fantasy Convention
Reprinted in The Best New Horror 6 (ed. Stephen Jones), Robinson (UK) / Carroll & Graf (US) 1995
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