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Welcome to my newly redesigned home page!

You may know me from GEnie, where I was a sysop for the Games Roundtable. Or you may have seen me bopping around SFF Net, a gathering place for professional authors and dedicated readers. Or maybe you come from my own professional life as a computer systems architect. Though if you've stumbled into the site through a search engine, you're probably hunting photos from the science fiction and fantasy events at which I hang out.

In fact, this site started in 1998 as an excuse to post convention photos taken with my spiffy new Kodak DC120 digital camera. As of 2005, I'm on my third camera (Nikon D100) and still taking way too many pictures. (My webmaster will attest to this fact.) Maybe you'll find your own face in some of these...

The menu on the left is pretty self-explanatory. Take a look around...and thanks for stopping by!

PS Is it obvious this site is still under construction? Oh yeah.

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Tuesday January 11 2005

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