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I promised myself I'd write this in first person this time...what do you think?

I was born in Washington DC, spent my childhood in Winston-Salem NC and went to high school in Bowie, MD. I now live in Alexandria, VA. Considering how little love I have for the area, it's surprising that I've spent most my life in the DC suburbs. But there is hope! I've become very fond of Arizona and spend most of my free time there with friends. If any of you know of someone looking to hire an overpaid computer jockey, I'm your man! Drop me a note and I'll send you a resume. (Not kidding.)

Between trips to Arizona and work I always squeeze in a few science fiction/fantasy and gaming conventions, where I take most of my event photos. For several years I was even involved in running gaming cons with Vinny Salzillo and a group of folks called Double Exposure. Vinny and the gang are still running cons, and can be counted on to put on a great show. Check them out if you're in the NY/NJ area.

My day job is "Internet/Network Security Architect" for a company called Devis. They do computer consulting for the government and private companies, with a focus on affordable open source solutions. I manage the computers and help design the hardware setups that will provide these solutions. I'm surrounded by intelligent, creative people who enjoy what they're doing and respect each other's work (and mine, too!). In many ways it's a dream job for me. Now, if only it were in Arizona...

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Tuesday January 11 2005

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