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When I've got time, I like to go to conventions, hang out with friends on IRC ( of course!) and the overthrow of small kingdoms. Occasionally I even have time to hang out with friends in person! Here's some links to some of my friends, family and people I worship and adore:

Doranna Durgin. Excellent author, talented painter and she does webwork too! (Check out Blue Hound Visions!)

Kasandra Rose. Kassie has been an electronic buddy for ages, we share a lot of on-line horror stories from when we used to help support a game on GEnie. The game company went of and became big and famous, we didn't even get T-shirts! (Web site might still be a placeholder...)

Martha Schulze AKA Ursula and Meep. Martha is the "Convention Mommy" at the cons I worked on. I also met her on "that game" on GEnie. (This is her work page; she's a highly respected person at the American Booksellers Association).

Vinny Salzillo AKA Salvius. The driving force behind Double Exposure Inc., the company that puts on the Cons I'm involved with. You guessed it, I also met him first on GEnie :-)

Terry McGarry. SF Author and member. I met Terry in 1998 at Lunacon. She's become one of my best friends over the years. Thanks Terry!

Hillary R. G. Israeli. Hillary has realised her dream, she's now a small animal vet, as well as the mother of two, and wife to the very lucky Michael Israeli (Izzy). I can still fondly recall the days when we would think of her as "She who must be respected, and often given chocolate."

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