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My job title is Internet/Network Security Architect, but I'm really a System Administrator with design duties. Devis has a few dozen servers, mostly Debian Linux, and I'm responsible for all aspects of operation and support.

Over the years I've worked as construction laborer, fast food manager, stock clerk, cashier, tire mechanic, car sales, parts sales, retail management, and more. But I've been involved professionally with computers since I was hired as a programmer in 1989, and before that I did some consulting and even some retail software sales with a brick and mortar store that is no longer around.

I've worked on Sun, HP 9000, IBM (RS/6000 and 3090 Mainframes), DEC (Compaq) Alpha servers and clusters, PCs, Macs, Printers, Plotters, Routers and Switches (Cisco, 3Com, Cabletron, Ciena, Nortel, Redback and Foundry). Lately I've been having fun with Dell servers and a Sun Fire V20Z server.

I've setup, configured and secured Solaris 2.2 though 10 and SunOS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, OS/MVS, VM/CMS, OS/2, Windows (Various through XP and Server 2003), Compaq TRU-64 Unix, Linux, BSDI and OpenVMS. Okay, "Windows security" is an oxymoron, but it's still better then OpenVMS where security means that you have to tell the operating system that you are going to run privileged commands or it won't let you.

And then there's application support. I've worked with DNS/BIND, Sendmail, HP Openview, Post.Office, Nortel Preside Network Management Systems, Big Brother, CiscoWorks, MicroMuse Netcool, Concord Network Health, CA-Unicenter, Transarc AFS, NIS/NIS+, X-Windows, SNMP, STMP, FTP, Oracle, ISPF, Solstice, Motif, PC-NFS, Reflection-X, Hummingbird Exceed, Pagemaker, WordPerfect Office, Microsoft Office, Visio, Freelance Graphics, Inquire, SAS, BRS, Lotus Notes, ON-Net, Desqview/X, Kerberos, INND, Typhoon, Cyclone, UUCP, TACACS+, RADIUS, Veritas Netbackup, Veritas Volume Manager, SSH (F-Secure and OpenSSH), PostgreSQL, Zope and Bakbone NetVault.

Things we've done recently at Devis:

--Installed a new backup and archiving system (Bakbone's Netvault)
--Purchased and installed a Storage Area Network (SAN) for our production servers.
--Implemented a standardised work request system
--Upgraded obsolete NT based mail system to Microsoft Exchange 2003 running on Server 2003.
--Installed company wide anti-spam software
--Developed a baseline configuration to speed the roll out of new systems and upgrades of existing systems
--Installed a local package repository to ensure that consistant enviroments are maintained throughout the development and life cycle of a project.
--Setup and configured a livejournal system based on the LiveJournal source code.

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Thursday January 13 2005

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