Undersea Photography by Marina

Over the past six years or so, I have taken my trusty underwater camera into the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Caribbean -- everywhere from Key West to Monterey to the Cayman Islands to Papua, New Guinea. Showing no restraint whatsoever, I have photographed any critter that would hold still long enough. Unfortunately, most of them don't (hold still, that is). Still, every now and then I get lucky.

Here are another couple of shots I took in Rarotonga this summer. The first is a pair of Ornate Butterflyfish. The second I have tenatively identified as a Coral Grouper, but I could be wrong about this. The photo in my fishy reference guide matched the shape but not the color, but I know some groupers change color. If anyone can make a more accurate ID, please let me know.

Ornate Butterflyfish photo Coral Grouper photo

Click on the images to get a better look at it. They're both JPEG files -- approximately 34K (Ornate Butterflyfish) and 50K (Coral Grouper). The photographs are copyright © 2000 Marina Frants, and may not be reproduced without permission.

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