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I am doing this page myself now. Simple is as simple does. I imagine the poor folk at just cringe when I get on here and commence editing. There is a lot of "nope, better try again." I hope there is no way I can wear out the server looking and changing.

There are photos here that people expressed an interest in seeing.

Our home near Elmendorf, Texas

I was privileged to meet Elizabeth Moon at her booksigning at BookPeople in Austin recently. She is a classy author whose work I admire greatly.

This is Elizabeth Moon reading from her latest book, *Victory Conditions*. In it she killed off several of us who haunt her newsgroup. She is quite good at that and I was thrilled and a bit stunned to be included in such august company.

These were some of my fellow victims. David Watson is the fellow doffing the hat. Ruta Duhon and Ferris Duhon are next to him. When the reading was going on and we were all supposed to drop dead -- well, you can see how close the chairs are and they were FULL of people. It might have violated fire codes or something.

This was the marquee out in front of the bookstore. They redeemed themselves with Elizabeth after having the Governor out the night before. I hope they cleaned.

This was right after I shook hands with Elizabeth. She had very kind things to say about my writing ability and was especially kind to speak about it to my wife who was taking this and the other pictures. Writing can seem awful close to lazy to a spouse. This way Sharon knows I am something in addition to lazy.

This was in front of the San Jacinto monument with my wife, Sharon, and my two younger sons, Thomas and Adam in 2007. Thomas graduated from Texas State in San Marcos. Adam attends the University of Texas at Austin. My oldest is married now. We need to take another family-together shot soon.

Christmas 2002

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