The Books and Writings of
Kurt R.A. Giambastiani



Just the Facts

  • Born 1958; Marin County, California
    • Father: Ronald Giambastiani, of Point Reyes Station, CA
    • Mother: Delloros Dymond, of San Rafael, CA (deceased)
    • Step-Mother: Elissa Frillici, of Gilbert, MN
  • Early Education:
    • Glenwood Elementary, San Rafael, CA
    • West End Elementary, San Rafael, CA
    • Davidson Junior High, San Rafael, CA
    • San Rafael High, San Rafael, CA
  • Advanced Education:
    • San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
    • Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Baptized Roman Catholic, 1966
  • Converted to Judaism, 1978

Basic Timeline

  • Lived in Marin County, California until late teens
  • Moved to Jerusalem, Israel to study music for 2 years
  • Married and moved to Seattle in mid-20s
  • Works as a programmer for a non-profit health insurance company
  • Lives in Seattle area with his wife and cat

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