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on From the Heart of the Storm


The fourth book in Giambastiani's weird and almost wonderful alternate-history series opens with the dinosaur-riding Plains Indians forming an alliance of Crows and Cheyennes. This offers them the hope of successfully resisting white encroachments, although the U.S. vice president is ruthlessly pushing the frontier forward and making life miserable for European immigrants. Meanwhile, young George Custer Jr., now the Cheyenne warrior One Who Flies, is becoming a leader of the resistance. Without knowing the details, he is also effectively an ally of his father, President Custer, who seems to aspire to be known as something other than a simple-minded thug and Indian killer. Giambastiani's knowledge of the Plains Indians continues to carry the story more than any other aspect of the book, so well that many readers will rush through this volume and be overjoyed to learn that a sequel is inevitable. Kudos to this unlikely but undeniably successful alternate history.

—Roland Green

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