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  • "Destrier's Will" —A short fantasy tale with an unusual POV—Reynald's first appearance in my fiction.
  • "Spencer's Peace" —An unusual fantasy, wherein I start playing with the idea of magical "threads."
  • "The Duenna" —Modern fantasy with an historical twist; plus some extrapolation on the magical threads idea.
  • "Long Distance" —Inspired by a Lisa Loeb song, a tale of scientifically possible time travel.
  • "Intaglio" —a tale of war, occupation, and forgiveness
  • "Bring Them Up Right, Marguerite" PG13 —The last man on Earth sets the record straight.
  • "Channeling History" PG13 —A humorous sf what-if.
  • "Carp" PG13 —A tale of dark humor and black cats; it's partly a true story, but which part?
  • "Kodachrome" PG13 —A dark twist on an old Wilde tale.
  • "The Text" —Hope in a dystopic future.

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