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Some friends' pages

Terry McGarry

Terry is a wonderful person and a New Yorker thru and thru (many of you non-New Yorkers probably think that's a terrible oxymoron). But enough said from me about this legendary copyeditor and writer of SF, fantasy, horror, and poetry. Just check out Terry's home page or newsgroup, sff.people.terry-mcgarry on the news server news.sff.net for the full story. What? Terry's gender? But if I told you that it would spoil a long-running on-line joke!

Steven desJardins

I met Steven at the Clarion writers' workshop in the summer of 1990 (in my homes list I call Clarion "Home(6)" even though I lived there for a mere 6 weeks). The Beatles wrote a song about Steven ("The tax man"). He also has a newsgroup: sff.people.sdj.

Nigel Rowe

A man of many aliases (Niggle, Nigfel) and exotic business ventures (many an Auckland SF fan of a certain era can reminisce wistfully of the days when Hugo's Books flourished. Well, OK, existed), Nige these days operates out of Chicago. The three 6's in his previous zip code were entirely coincidental.

As for his home page.... Ohmigod! It's full of sheep!

Thanks to Malcolm Stenerson I now have the correct url for Nigfel's page again.

A close encounter of the Nigel kind is only verified when a financial loss has been documented in the transaction -- Dan McCarthy.

Stefan Jones

A frequent visitor to the House of Breakfast Foods (I'll add a link when I write it up in my homes list), Stefan is a self-proclaimed cybergeek. He escaped from the wilds of Long Island to Pittsburgh around 1995, but rumor has it he is now a servant to the oracle, located not on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus but in the suburbs of Redwood City, Ca. Alas, we are experiencing difficult technicalities with this link.

Alex Heatley

Alex is a New Zealand SF fan whose connection to fandom dates back to about the same era as mine. Since 1984 he's been producing a zine by the name of Phlogiston, to which I've contributed less often than I should. Alas, at the moment we are experiencing technical difficulties linking to Alex's site.

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