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General Information & News

First up, the very comprehensive pages, set up by Akiko International, which include a New Zealand Guidebook. (NB: Frames.)

If you're interested in current NZ news, take a gander (in frames) at the latest headlines from One Network News...
...on the web pages of TVNZ

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For somewhat more in-depth (and frameless) NZ news coverage and news from Christchurch and the surrounding Canterbury province, look at the Christchurch Press---the first NZ newspaper to make it on-line.

Akiko also has quite a bit of NZ news, including an archive of the "WYSIWYG News", which is prepared by Brian Harmer and the Hard News prepared by Russel Brown. (The Hard News will probably be confusing in places if you're not a Kiwi. e.g., the Graham of "Graham and his gutless government" mentioned in the 12 July 1996 edition was the then Minister of Police, Doug Graham.)

Mt. Ruapehu Erupts

July 1996; links revised December 1997

Mt. Ruapehu, a volcano located in the middle of the North Island, has been particularly active around mid-1996, playing havoc with the North Island ski season and airline schedules. (Ruapehu is the highest mountain in the North Island and the site of the only North Island ski fields.)

Volcano cams: There's one put up by Cyber Corp. (NZ) and you can look at past images captured by the one formerly operated by NZ Geographic Magazine. Don't forget that the NZ time zone is 17 hours ahead of the U.S. Eastern Standard Time. I haven't had much luck looking at these cameras at times when (a) the volcano is erupting and (b) the weather is clear enough to see anything. But both sites have some pretty good archived images linked to them.

Landcare Research NZ Ltd. has a quite remarkable image from the NOAA-14 satellite. It shows the whole of the North Island and the northern tip of the South Island, and a huge plume of ash streaming northeastwards from Ruapehu at an altitude of about 20 km.

Last updated on 27 December 1997.

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