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Eileen Gunn: Imaginary Friends.

July, 2004
cover Far too busy preparing for the launch of my short-story collection, Stable Strategies and Others, due from Tachyon Publications in September 2004. Advance orders at your favorite bookstore, or at and Barnes and Noble. The Infinite Matrix continues, with a new blog by the Net-null Howard Waldrop, the rare blogger without Web access. If you enjoy it, feel free to donate.

October, 2002
The Infinite Matrix is running an all-star fundraising, with donor gifts created by Howard Waldrop, Joe Haldeman, Richard Kadrey, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Vonda McIntyre, and more to come. (Gifts from Ursula Le Guin and Leslie What have aready been claimed.) Last year's donation is long gone. If the zine is to continue, it needs fuel. I know these are lousy times economically, but if you enjoy it, please donate.

September, 2002
Where does the time go? I guess I've been busy. Here's why: The Infinite Matrix has been going great Gunns (sorry) for nearly 10 months now, thanks to a cash infusion from a generous donor. If you haven't checked it out, take a look. A daily blog by Bruce Sterling, weekly nanotales by Michael Swanwick and Richard Kadrey, weekly column by David Langford. New work by Ursula K. Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, Ray Vukcevich, Marc Ladlaw, Ben Rosenbaum, and many others. Nanotales by James Patrick Kelly, John Kessel, Nina Hoffman, Leslie What, Ellen Klages, and lots more.

August, 2001
The first and only issue of my promised online SF magazine The Infinite Matrix is available now. Stories by Simon Ings, Pat Cadigan, Michael Swanwick, and Richard Kadrey. Columns by Bruce Sterling and John Clute. Art by Paul Mavrides and Jay Kinney. Please check it out, and if you're interested in funding a top-flight magazine, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

June, 2000
Just published — a collection of the Jewish stories of Avram Davidson, Everybody Has Somebody in Heaven from Devora Publishing. It includes a 7000-word biographical essay on Avram that I wrote especially for this volume. This will form the backbone of my biography of Avram.

January, 2000
I'll be leaving GORP this month and moving to San Francisco. During my extended online camping trip, I led a few SF writers into the wilderness. Howard Waldrop shared his top-secret fishing spot. (Yeah, right.) Bruce Sterling spent three weeks as an online guest, chatting with guys in khaki shorts who couldn't handle sarcasm. Pat Murphy wrote movingly of the tragic ending to a hike in Nepal. Jessica Amanda Salmonson told ghost stories of the Northwest woods. And in a Millenial finale, Terry Bisson, Lucius Shepard, and Kim Stanley Robinson embark on some visionary adventures.

Thanks to the estimable Ellen Datlow, I started and finished and published a new story in the the first month (almost) of 1999. Green Fire, a collaboration by Michael Swanwick, Pat Murphy, Andy Duncan, and myself is now finished and up on the Event Horizon site.

I've denied you in the past. I've lied to you.
But, really, I've been busy elsewhere, and if it's any consolation, you can read my stuff up on other people's sites and feel as neglected as my long-suffering family and abandoned friends.
As a reward for your patience, I've re-orged a little, and put up the interviews I did last year for Omni On-line, with interface gurus David Gelernter and Philip Johnson, cyberpunk semiotician Sadie Plant, and virtual reality artists Mary Anne Moser and Douglas MacLeod
Off-site, there' s my Web Radar column on the online edition of u&lc (Upper & lower case). (Other columnists are Bruce Sterling and Ole Kvern.) And there's the interview with Howard Waldrop (accomplished with the able assistance of Lucius Shepard), on the Event Horizon website. Then there's Green Fire, the roundrobin story I'm writing with Michael Swanwick, Pat Murphy, and Andy Duncan, also on Event Horizon. And there's the Winter Wandering piece I did for GORP, of which I am the managing editor. (And if you think that doesn't take time, try to get hold of me between 9AM and 8PM.)




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